Course Duration : 40 Hours
  1. Introduction to Web Development with PHP.
  2. How to code a PHP application.
  3. How to code control statements.
  4. How to work with strings and numbers.
  5. How to work with dates.
  6. How to create and use arrays.
  7. How to create and use functions.
  8. How to work with cookies and sessions.
  9. How to work with form data.
  10. How to use regular expressions, handle exceptions, and validate data.
  11. How to design a database.
  12. Introduction to relational database with MySQL.
  13. How to use SQL to create a MySQL database.
  14. How to use SQL to work with a MySQL database.
  15. Professional PHP for working with MySQL.
  16. How to use PHP with a MySQL database.
  17. Working with PHP services.
  18. How to Use the MVC pattern to organize your code.
  19. Object-oriented Programming concept with PHP.
  20. How to test and debug a PHP application.
  21. A database-driven web site.
  22. How to create secure web sites.
  23. How to send email and access other web sites.

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