Oracle Database: SQL Fundamentals

Source Duration : 40 Hours                    Exam Code : 1Z0-071

  1. Introduction
  2. Retrieving Data Using the SQL SELECT Statement.
  3. Restricting and Sorting Data.
  4. Using Single-Row Functions to Customize Output.
  5. Using Conversion Functions and Conditional Expressions.
  6. Reporting Aggregated Data Using the Group Functions.
  7. Displaying Data from Multiple Tables using Joins.
  8. Using Subqueries to Solve Queries.
  9. Using the Set Operators.
  10. Manipulating Data.
  11. Using DDL Statements to Create and Manage Tables.
  12. Creating Other Schema Objects.

Additional Topics.

  1. Using SQL Developer.
  2. Using SQL*Plus.
  3. Oracle Joins.

Oracle PL/SQL Fundamentals

Source Duration : 40 Hours         Exam Code : 1Z0-149

  1. Declaring PL/SQL Variables.
  2. Writing Executable Statements.
  3. Writing SQL in PL/SQL.
  4. Writing Control Structures.
  5. Working with Composite Data Types.
  6. Using Explicit Cursors.
  7. Handling Exceptions.
  8. Using PL/SQL Subprograms.
  9. Creating Procedures and Using Parameters.
  10. Creating Functions.
  11. Creating Packages.
  12. Working with Packages.
  13. Using Dynamic SQL.
  14. Design Considerations for PL/SQL Code.
  15. Creating Compound, DDL, and Event Database Triggers.
  16. Using the PL/SQL Compiler.
  17. Managing PL/SQL Code.
  18. Managing Dependencies.


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