Course Duration : 40 Hours

  1. Oracle GoldenGate Architecture
  2. Installing Oracle GoldenGate
  3. Configuration Overview and Preparing the Environment
  4. Configuring Change Capture (Extract)
  5. Configuring Change Delivery (Replicat)
  6. Configuring Extract Trails and Files (Data Pump)
  7. Performing Initial Load
  8. Editing Configuration Parameters
  9. Oracle GoldenGate Integrated Capture/integrated Delivery
  10. DDL Replication
  11. Bidirectional Replication
  12. Filtering and Data Selection
  13. Additional Transformation Concepts
  14. Configuration Options
  15. Troubleshooting Oracle GoldenGate
  16. Conflict Detection and Resolution – Custom Techniques
  17. Bidirectional Replication Conjunction with USEDELTA, USEMAX,and IGNORE:
  18. Data Mapping, Data Selection/Filtering and Data Transformation
  19. Conflict Detection and Resolution – Custom Techniques
  20. Configuring Zero-Downtime Migration Replication
  21. Oracle GoldenGate Event Marker System

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