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    Advanced Computer Training : Microsoft Office is the most widely used software suite in business and office environments. It is essential if you want to keep up to date with the skills demanded by many employers and to progress your career GITA Professional Institute provides a comprehensive range of Microsoft office training courses designed to trained you in all aspects of Microsoft Office, and the individual programmers it contains such as Excel, PowerPoint and Microsoft Word.

    If you have some Office skills, with DGA Professional Institute, you can update to the latest version fast, or you if you’re just beginning, you can gain a comprehensive knowledge that include realistic work-place exercises.

  • Course Content

    Duration : 1 Months | Classes: Mon-Fri, 1½ Hrs./day

    • Introduction to Databases

      • Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) Concept.
      • Tables, Columns.
      • Introduction to Structured Query Language.

      Building the Database
      • SQL Databases.
      • SQL Syntax.
      • Standard Data Types of SQL.
      • SQL- Operators.
      • SQL- Expressions.
      • SQL- Create Database.
      • SQL- Drop Database.
      • SQL- Select Database.
      • SQL- Create Table & Drop Table.
      • SQL- Insert Query.
      • SQL- Select Query.
      • SQL- Where Clause.
      • SQL- AND & OR Clauses.
      • SQL- Update Query & Delete Query.
      • SQL- Like Clause & Top Clause.
      • SQL- Order By & Group By.
      • SQL- Distinct Keyword.
      • SQL- Sorting Results.

      Introducing SQL Server
      • SQL Server components and tools.
      • SQL Server Agent and Management Studio.
      • Integration Services.
      • Analysis & Reporting Services.
      • Data Quality & Master Data Services.

      Advanced SQL - Professional Level
      • SQL- Constraints.
      • SQL- Using Joins.
      • SQL- Unions Clause.
      • SQL- NULL Value.
      • SQL- Alias Syntax.
      • SQL- Indexes.
      • SQL- Alter Command.
      • SQL- Truncate Table.
      • SQL- Using View.
      • SQL- Having Clause.
      • SQL- Transactions.
      • SQL- Wildcards.
      • SQL- Date Functions.
      • SQL- Clone Tables.
      • SQL- Sub Queries.
      • SQL- Using Sequences.
      • SQL- Handling Duplicates.
      • SQL- Injection.
    • Unique Features

      • Real Time Training with experienced, qualified and friendly trainers
      • Job Oriented training will help you in companies.
      • Free PD Class & Placement Offer for various courses.
      • Fully WiFi enabled Campus and Class Rooms.
      • Weekend Batch Facility for working persons.
  • Scope and Opportunities

    The career option is increasingly in demand for PHP development and there is a steady raise in the amount of interest for IT graduates to enter into the web development field. Hence, there is sure future for the person who gets trained in this subject. DGA Professional Institute is one of the best PHP training institute in Delhi as we offer Courses & Training that are Interactive, Job Oriented as well as as informative. We make our students for the job ready to market. Various Career Opetions i the Web Industry are:

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      • Web Developer
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      • Content Writer
      • FrontEnd Developer
      • IT Technician
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      • Tech Support Team
      • Freelance Work
      • Web Optimizers
      • Trainer